Kleos is a management and consulting firm that works with hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the world to help improve their services. Kleos provides operational, financial and customer service improvement as well as capacity building services to hospitals, clinics and governments, through an experienced executive staff supplemented by a premier network of healthcare professionals and affiliated hospitals/healthcare organizations.

Through its network, members and affiliates, Kleos develops and facilitates implementation of systems, processes and human skills to further enhance clients provision of high quality, efficient and compassionate healthcare services in the most cost effective, high quality and customized manner.

Kleos services currently encompasses:

- Due diligence
- Consultancy / Turn arounds
- Pre operational check, commissioning & certification
- Hospital & clinics daily operation
- Business plan preparation
- Professional Medical Training & continued Education
- Local Representation
- Accreditation
- Technical Assistance / Space Program / Design / owner representative

Kleos areas of expertise through our network include:

- Healthcare Finance
- Healthcare Private Equity
- Strategic Planning
- Corporate Governance
- Hospital Management
- Staff Education and Executive Coaching
- Physician Services and Medical Staff Planning

Hospital Management

- Management of Hospitals, Clinics and Healthcare Programs
- Hospital Department Management
- Pre-Operations Organizational Development
- New Hospital Commissioning / Staffing
- Development of Staffing Plans and incentives
- Staff Recruitment, Including Senior Executive Teams
- Staff Training, Including Enhancement Training

Healthcare Finance

- Due Diligence on healthcare investment opportunities
- Merger and Acquisition services
- Valuation of current healthcare assets

Quality Management and Accreditation

- Preparation for JCIA Accreditation
- Maintenance of JCIA Accreditation

Continuing Education

- Development of Educational Institutes
- Medical Staff Recruitment, Including Both Short and Long-term Physicians and Nurses

Telemedicine and Tele-education

International Patient Services and Networks

Consulting Services