Who We Are

Kleos Healthcare Corporation is a Kuwait based and Middle East focused healthcare development company that operates where health meets wealth by connecting high net worth and institutional investors with lucrative healthcare assets and opportunities. Kleos provides management, consulting, due diligence, post acquisition integration and turn around services for healthcare entities and investors across the Middle East. The Kleos team has been involved in over one billion dollars of healthcare investments and currently advises senior government and private sector stakeholders on healthcare.

The Kleos team has contributed to the evolution of the Middle East healthcare economy across all five primary sectors:

1.Investors – Kleos has advised (and co-invested) into lucrative healthcare opportunities. The returns on investment have been consistently above 30% and range from acquisitions of leading regional hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, online healthcare services, to pharmacoeducation

2.Service Providers – The Kleos team has developed growth strategies for the Middle East’s leading hospital brands and has championed due diligences and turn arounds for private equity companies aiming to acquire and drive value from profitable healthcare assets

3.Payors – The Kleos team has continuously pushed the regional thought process on creating novel ways of financing the Middle East’s growing healthcare costs while driving efficiencies through the system

4.Suppliers – The Kleos team has worked with the Middle East’s largest business conglomerates on upgrading their medical technology and equipment portfolios. The team has also worked with the world’s leading medical technology and equipment companies on bringing their technology and solutions to the region

5.Regulators – The Kleos team has the distinction of having worked with every single GCC Ministry of Health as well as both the Dubai Health Authority and the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi